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Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Coffee Cookies

Last month, I attended the kick-off soiree for this year's Chicago Food Film Festival. If you've never heard of the event, it's exactly what it sounds like: you get to watch films about food...and then sample the featured foods! NOMS city. (They even inserted napkins in our programs!) To preserve the authenticity of the dishes… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Coffee Cookies


Get Your Pink On: Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Get ready to get your pink on! Valentine's Day is coming up next week, and I wanted to make something bright, easy and PINK in honor of the occasion.  This recipe uses only six ingredients and you can bake up a batch in no time. (For another super simple, super PINK cookie recipe, check out… Continue reading Get Your Pink On: Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies


White Chocolate Popcorn

In college, popcorn was my go-to snack whenever I hit stress mode. If I needed to pull an all-nighter to work on a term paper, my bowl of popcorn was there by my side as a tasty companion. Nowadays, the snack is less associated with stressful times ahead -- though every once in awhile, I… Continue reading White Chocolate Popcorn