Spooktacular Halloween Apartment Decor

Spooktacular Apartment

Have I mentioned that my roommate LOVES Halloween? For the past two years that I’ve lived with her, she’s turned our place into a wickedly awesome wonderland of haunted decor. We have Halloween-themed candles, dishes, mugs and signs. We even have a broom outside of our door.

Spooktacular Apartment

Spooktacular Apartment

The lil ghost below always gives me the side eye whenever I want to take a piece of candy from our bat-tray, and our other lil ghost glows brightly in our hallway. It’s fun to come home to such a spooktacular place. :)

Spooktacular Apartment

Spooktacular Apartment

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Wicked Wonderland

halloween sign

The Halloween decor has made it’s gleefully ghoulish return to our apt. ;) Let the fall holiday decorating begin! Do you have any decorations up in your home yet?

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Evil...or pie?  Spooktacular Apartment  Craft Bar

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

I’ll admit that I was completely caught off guard when I saw Target’s holiday commercial airing on TV in October. And more recently, I’ve noticed other “Christmas is coming” signals from the storefront displays around the Magnificent Mile. (Love the throwback paper chains as seen in the Jonathan Adler display window in Chicago. :))

But the spirit of the season REALLY hit me when I arrived home one day last week. The first “Warning: Holiday cheer ahead” alert was the “Dear Santa, I have issues” sign hanging from the doorknob of one of our hallway closets.

A few steps further ahead, a shower of Santas rained upon me from every corner of our apartment. So while my roomie proceeded to hang garland and tie festive bows, I cranked up the Michael Bublé holiday radio station on Pandora and roamed around our apartment playing “Spot the Santas”. The current Santa count: 11 — though I’ve been told there may be more coming. (“Kitchen Claus,” as I’ve dubbed him, is my favorite of the bunch below; that’s why he gets primetime placement.)

My roomie L-O-V-E loves to decorate. And I do admit feeling very “holly jolly” after our night of adventures. We’ve since tackled the tree installation, too! You can expect to see more of my roomie’s home decor displays on this blog. After all, she does make our apt something super sweet to live in. :)