Chick Cupcakes

Easter is almost upon us! Growing up, my mom always assembled the BEST Easter baskets for me and my brother. His would be filled with chocolates and mine would contain all of my favorite fruit-flavored items, plus a stuffed animal or two. My mom used to┬ápull together similar packages for us for Valentine’s Day, too.Continue reading “Chick Cupcakes”

Lemon Strawberry Cookie Cakes

I was seeking a bright, sunny burst of sweetness in my kitchen. These Lemon Strawberry Cookie Cakes pack quite a lemony punch, but not in a super sour way, at all! They’re baked in a pan, and then cut to make single servings. I used my circle cookie cutter as a mold (and ate theContinue reading “Lemon Strawberry Cookie Cakes”

Lemon Cool Whip Cookies

Ahh yes, it’s FI-NAL-LY summertime in Chicago! After a balmy and mild start to the summer in Chi City, we experienced temps of 90+ degrees this past weekend and I LOVED every moment of it. To take a (brief) break from life outdoors, I popped inside to make a new batch of cake batter cookies.Continue reading “Lemon Cool Whip Cookies”