Handmade Holiday: A Lovely DOSE

Two Sundays ago, I bundled up and battled the cold and blustery weather to attend the February 2013 DOSE Market. Inside the River East Art Center, I found a wealth of warm people, yummy food and unique gifts. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, event organizers also gave us the chance to look for loveContinue reading “Handmade Holiday: A Lovely DOSE”

Handmade Holiday: Randolph Street Holiday Market

Happy New Year! Here’s to lots of sweet somethings in 2013. :) A few weeks ago, while searching for gifts at the Randolph Street Holiday Market, like the barrel of monkeys above, I discovered these nifty belt ties, crafted by Rachel of Green Hide. She also had some cool recycled buckle jewelry. At the time,Continue reading “Handmade Holiday: Randolph Street Holiday Market”

Handmade Holiday: Renegade Craft Fair

Earlier this month, a friend and I moseyed over to theĀ Renegade Craft FairĀ in search of holiday gifts for our friends…and ourselves. ;) Apparently, the fair started in Chicago in 2003, and has since expanded to other select cities, too, including BK. (Brooklyn in the house!) The holiday market was a super cozy affair, hosted inContinue reading “Handmade Holiday: Renegade Craft Fair”