Pink Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies

Happy New Year! Right now, it’s ridiculously cold here in Chicago. I mean, it’s Fuh-REE-Zing. In fact, we have sub zero temps outside today. Some locals have dubbed it the land of “CHIberia.” To avoid cabin fever syndrome, I ventured out last night to a birthday party, but aside from that event and a fewContinue reading “Pink Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies”

Lemon Cool Whip Cookies

Ahh yes, it’s FI-NAL-LY summertime in Chicago! After a balmy and mild start to the summer in Chi City, we experienced temps of 90+ degrees this past weekend and I LOVED every moment of it. To take a (brief) break from life outdoors, I popped inside to make a new batch of cake batter cookies.Continue reading “Lemon Cool Whip Cookies”