Watermelon Cookie Slices and Coconut Cupcakes

Last week, I celebrated my half birthday. While I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be for my birthday in December, I’m determined to make it somewhere warm! (So obviously, Chicago isn’t going to cut it. :-P) In honor of the half and to celebrate the start of warmer temps, I hosted a tropical-themed dinner partyContinue reading “Watermelon Cookie Slices and Coconut Cupcakes”

Coconut & Lime Macaroons

A few weeks ago, I had plans to attend a friend’s Passover Seder. I made two batches of macaroons to bring to the party; the first, a Coconut & Apricot batch, and the second, a Coconut & Lime batch. Here’s the second recipe, as promised! The Makings: Egg Whites – from 4 eggs Almond ExtractContinue reading “Coconut & Lime Macaroons”

Coconut & Apricot Macaroons

One of my friends is hosting a Passover seder tomorrow evening. When I asked her what to bring, she immediately answered, “just yourself.” But that just wouldn’t do! I prefer making things for group settings and occasions; it gives me the opportunity to try out new recipes AND not get “stuck” eating all of theContinue reading “Coconut & Apricot Macaroons”