Great Chicago Fire Hydrants: Fire-Minions

If you’ve been to Chicago recently, you’ve probably noticed the decorated fire hydrants around the city. Known as the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants, these sculptures are part of a public art installation to pay tribute to the city’s firefighters. According to the official website, there are 101 hydrants to represent each one of the 101 firehouses.

I LOVE this “Fire-Minions” sculpture. :) Inspired by the Despicable Me movie series, you get two Minions-in-one! I bet they’d both use the “bee-do bee-do” Minion chant to sound the alarm if a disaster ever occurred nearby. (Apparently, Minions = a popular Halloween costume this season. Cue the adorableness!) The credit for this squee-worthy sculpture goes to Melanie and Elyse Jones.

Have you spotted the hydrants on the streets of Chi city? If yes, what’s your favorite one? You can explore more in the Hydrant Gallery.

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Vintage Ground: My “New” Vintage Dresser


*Photo credit: Vintage Ground

Inspired by my recent visit to the District showroom, and my move down the street to a new apartment, I purchased a “new” vintage Mid Century Dresser from Vintage Ground.

This nine drawer dresser also now doubles as my TV stand. The dresser was refinished, but still has its original hardware. It’s my second, large (non-Ikea) furniture splurge, and I couldn’t be happier with its uniqueness. (I also recently bought a new bed from World Market. Hello, bedroom makeover.)

Showroom: District

District Collaborative

One of my friends is moving to her own place in a few weeks, and in her quest to furnish her new digs, she’s been on a treasure hunt to find just the right pieces, scouring vintage/antique shops, Pinterest boards, Craigslist listings and more.

In her search, she discovered District, a local business that specializes in restoring and reworking vintage furniture to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

District Collaborative

I’m always one to jump at the chance to look at unique finds, so decided to join her to attend an event, dubbed District Collaborative, which featured creations from District plus three other artists: The Studio 312, Threade, and alma.kane, all housed in the District showroom. (We nibbled on yummy mini Flirty Cupcakes and sipped on wine while we browsed through the collections, and an adjacent rug gallery also stayed open and invited us to tour their show floor. :)) Alas, the Tamale Spaceship sold out of food before we had a chance to grab a tamale, but perhaps the masked Luchadores/servers will have more of their out of this world creations on hand at the next event.

I loved this vintage receipt printer. I have a collection of typewriter prints in my room, and love looking at the differences between one model vs. the next. Typewriters have such character; laptops these days seem so uniform. I wonder if folks were more careful in choosing their words when typing out notes on typewriters? Ahh the luxuries of a backspace/delete key.

District Collaborative

What’s your favorite lamp lighting up the table below?

District Collaborative

While we didn’t end up purchasing any finds that evening, I do plan to keep my eyes on the District Facebook page. New items for sale are regularly posted in albums. :) Thanks for inviting us in, District!

District Collaborative

District Collaborative

Handmade Holiday: A Lovely DOSE

Dose Market1

Two Sundays ago, I bundled up and battled the cold and blustery weather to attend the February 2013 DOSE Market. Inside the River East Art Center, I found a wealth of warm people, yummy food and unique gifts.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, event organizers also gave us the chance to look for love via a game called #dosehearts. Here’s how it worked: you grabbed a pink heart sticker with a number on it, put it on, and sent/read love doses to others by using/following the #dosehearts hashtag on Twitter.

Dose Market2

Other interactive activities included an “Inky Love Notes” make and take corner, “Astro-Matchmaker” readings, a “Poems While You Wait” station where a $5 donation and a topic suggestion would yield an original poem and The Traveling Photo Booth.

Dose Market3

Dose Market4

And of course, lots of fun things to purchase, including avocado olive oil (via d’Avo Avocado), prints, pillows, yarn and mason jar flower arrangements (via Forget Me Knodt). :)

Dose Market6

Dose Market5

This was my first DOSE Market event, but it definitely won’t be my last. It looks like the next one is coming up on March 10. Tix are $8 in advance and available here.

I leave you with my #dosehearts vine.