Watermelon Cookie Slices and Coconut Cupcakes

Last week, I celebrated my half birthday. While I’m not exactly sure where I’ll be for my birthday in December, I’m determined to make it somewhere warm! (So obviously, Chicago isn’t going to cut it. :-P) In honor of the half and to celebrate the start of warmer temps, I hosted a tropical-themed dinner partyContinue reading “Watermelon Cookie Slices and Coconut Cupcakes”

Pink Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies

Happy New Year! Right now, it’s ridiculously cold here in Chicago. I mean, it’s Fuh-REE-Zing. In fact, we have sub zero temps outside today. Some locals have dubbed it the land of “CHIberia.” To avoid cabin fever syndrome, I ventured out last night to a birthday party, but aside from that event and a fewContinue reading “Pink Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies”

Pound Cake With a Pumpkin Surprise

The return of cold weather also signals the return of pumpkin flavored food (and drink)! My absolute favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving is my dad’s pumpkin pie. Every year, he’s kind enough to make me my own pie; I’m never quite able to get through it on my own, so I end up sharingContinue reading “Pound Cake With a Pumpkin Surprise”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

A team potluck event = an excellent reason to bake. :) I wanted to try another cake mix cookie recipe, after having easily made a batch of Lemon Cool Whip Cookies and Strawberry White Chocolate Cookies. Using the same recipe format as the Strawberry White Chocolate batch, I just swapped the cake mix flavor from StrawberryContinue reading “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies”