Mother’s Day: Mama Knows Best (…And So Does Dad)

I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this year, but I did send her a small care package with this very appropriate card. My mom is my confidant. Her courage and her strength is unbelievable. (And so is her determination to buy every book and scrapbooking accessory created. :-P <– It doesContinue reading “Mother’s Day: Mama Knows Best (…And So Does Dad)”

Cinnamon Churro Cupcakes

In a month, I’ll be exploring the sights and sounds of New Orleans for the very first time. (There will be beignets! And yes, I do plan to blog about the best bites discovered from my NOLA adventures. :) These cupcakes remind me of a different type of “donut” – the churro. A good churroContinue reading “Cinnamon Churro Cupcakes”

Chick Cupcakes

Easter is almost upon us! Growing up, my mom always assembled the BEST Easter baskets for me and my brother. His would be filled with chocolates and mine would contain all of my favorite fruit-flavored items, plus a stuffed animal or two. My mom used to┬ápull together similar packages for us for Valentine’s Day, too.Continue reading “Chick Cupcakes”

Fiery “Dragon’s” Colored Deviled Eggs

Take the throne and seize the realm! To celebrate the return of HBO’s magical series, Game of Thrones, I was invited to attend a watch party for its Season 4 premiere. Delicacies included “Tyrion’s Totchos” (think: Tater Tot nachos), Fire and Blood beer from Brewery Ommegang and TRAYS. OF. MEAT. There will be FEAST! IContinue reading “Fiery “Dragon’s” Colored Deviled Eggs”