Holiday Pod Decorating Contest & Reindeer Cheer

Twas the season at my office for an inaugural holiday pod decorating contest. After assembling our group of working elves, we settled on a theme: The North Pole.¬† Then it was off to Pinterest to find some inspiration. Our DIY display included a faux cardboard fireplace, a mantel display featuring holiday photos of our team,Continue reading “Holiday Pod Decorating Contest & Reindeer Cheer”

Sibling Brag: September’s Feature Sushi Roll

Sibling brag: When your little brother creates the September’s feature roll at a swanky sushi restaurant. :) His creation =¬†cucumber & avocado, topped with chopped and seared white tuna and tuna, scallions, masago and ponzu sauce. My brother once (patiently) tried to teach me how to make maki aka sushi rolls while he was entertainingContinue reading “Sibling Brag: September’s Feature Sushi Roll”

My Easter Bag

Just in time for Easter weekend, one of my best friends (who doubles as a pastry chef by day) dropped off a surprise package of goodies. Check out the buttercream bunny cupcake above complete with “carrots” and shredded coconut grass. :) The delivery also included four Spring pastel macarons. The pink one is a strawberry,Continue reading “My Easter Bag”

I Heart Google Doodle Dates

I wasted¬†treasured my time playing with today’s Google Doodle, designed to highlight both Valentine’s Day and the 154th birthday of George Ferris, creator of the original Ferris Wheel, which apparently debuted here in our fair windy city of Chicago in 1893. :) To animate today’s doodle, you needed to scroll across the graphic, which thenContinue reading “I Heart Google Doodle Dates”