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Bake On, Lil Mama!

Wednesday Inspiration: Taylor Moxey is an 8-year-old pastry chef who started out with a $40 loan and business agreement drawn up on a napkin from her dad, and a dream to earn enough money to buy her own toys through baking. Taylor started out by selling her treats at her local church. She's since made… Continue reading Bake On, Lil Mama!


Mother’s Day: Mama Knows Best (…And So Does Dad)

I wasn't able to spend Mother's Day with my mom this year, but I did send her a small care package with this very appropriate card. My mom is my confidant. Her courage and her strength is unbelievable. (And so is her determination to buy every book and scrapbooking accessory created. :-P <-- It does… Continue reading Mother’s Day: Mama Knows Best (…And So Does Dad)