Red, White & Blue Rice Krispies Treats


Patriotic Krispies

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! :) I spent the long weekend visiting my alma mater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Go Blue!) I waited in line at Zingerman’s for sandwiches, sampled a beer flight at Ashley’s, watched some of the World Cup at Conor O’Neils and listened to live music at Summer Fest. I did not see any major fireworks, but managed to catch a few impromptu displays, and definitely spotted some folks sporting over-the-top patriotic outfits.

I made the above Red, White & Blue Rice Krispies Treats for a World Cup game watch party a few weekends ago. They just scream ‘merica, no? Back then, the U.S. was still in the mix! Sadly, they’ve since been eliminated, but Tim Howard did his team proud!

To make the treats, I followed this Kraft recipe, dividing the cereal, marshmallows and butter into three portions, to make the red, white and blue layers. I prepared a single color batch at a time, mixing in food coloring for the red and blue layers. (Tip: Be sure to mix in food coloring right after you’ve added the melted marshmallows, and THEN add in the cereal. Do this fast, as the marshmallow mix will start to harden if left to sit too long.)

While prepped in a dish (using LOTS of nonstick cooking spray,) I used my circle cookie cutter to cut out individual treats, and added fresh berries and light whipped cream atop the treats in a made-to-order fashion. The whipped cream actually melted into the treats, making them SUPER sticky sweet to eat.

How did you celebrate this weekend? Did you watch any of the World Cup games?

Patriotic KrispiesPatriotic KrispiesPatriotic Krispies

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