Vintage Bachelorette Bash

One of my best friends Marissa just got married a few weeks ago in Chicago, and I had the honor of being her one and only bridesmaid! And yes, I do intend to post a recap piece about her BIG day, but I need to rewind back in time a bit first to share deets about her vintage, pinup-themed bachelorette bash.

First up, the invite. There were a few more details listed than what’s below, but you get the idea. ;) (It’s important to mention that the bride loves cherries and the color red.) Note: Dress up was HIGHLY encouraged. There were no points awarded for authenticity, but major cool points awarded for having fun and embracing the theme in whatever way you felt was most appropriate.

Vintage Bachelorette

Next, it was party planning time. I spent weeks scouring sites like Etsy and the shelves of Home Goods for fun favors and finds. With plans to host the group at my place for cupcakes, cocktails and girly games, I purchased vintage fans and banners, slumber party rubber duckies and flower candy rings from Oriental Trading. The mini tea set I found at Home Goods transformed into “tea shot cups” — classy, I know. (There were shot-sized “rings” as well. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her bevvies and bling!) I also whipped up a batch of strawberry lemonade cupcakes – the box variety – and had plenty of pastel-colored, old school candy faves.

vintage bachelorette vintage bachelorette

In addition to the “tea shot cups,” and duckies, guests got to take home plastic mason jar glasses, extra candy (and candy rings) and some super cute head scarfs from LoveAdellaide. Etsy shop owner Jacquelyn even created a custom order for me that I designed with Marissa in mind. :) I felt like such a VIP when I saw my name included on the listing. I also ordered a custom set of photo booth props – mustaches, lips and glasses – from the PhotoBoothGirls. I was able to ask for specific colors, frames and shapes and delivery was super fast.

vintage bachelorette

With all things set, we learned that the bride-to-be had contracted food poisoning on the eve of the bash! But she was determined not to miss out on the bachelorette festivities, so we packed up our favors and treats and brought the pre-party fun to her apartment.

The main event of the night was a burlesque show at Kiss Kiss Cabaret, but to get her ready for her night out, we treated Marissa to hair and makeup at Strange Beauty Show. (Cue the headscarfs! And the bottle of ginger ale to calm her upset stomach!)

vintage bachelorette

Dinner was at Antique Taco, a cute taqueria “parlor” with tacos, horchata milkshakes and chili cheese curds on the menu and vintage antiques and re-sale items served up as decor. A few of us shared tacos while Marissa sipped on an agua fresca and nibbled on a few corn tortillas we were given on the house. The fish tacos were my favorite, hands down. The tempura batter was light and crispy and the Sriracha tartar sauce and smoked cabbage slaw gave each bite the right amount of smokey, tangy flavor.

vintage bachelorette

vintage bachelorette

At Kiss Kiss Cabaret, the producer let us take a quick group photo on the main stage. (Cue the photo booth props!) Then the house lights went down and we were treated to a show that included a Spanish-inspired dance opener, a juggling magician, a duo who reenacted the “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” routine from Dirty Dancing, (complete with extra twirls, whirls and tumbles in the air,) and a saucy monologue followed by an “I’ll do what I want” act from Audrey Tawdry as the closing number. Audrey was our favorite performer of the evening. She had this “my way or the highway” daredevil aggressiveness in her performance delivery that was empowering to watch.

vintage bachelorette

The group closed the night at a neighborhood bar down the street. I was so SO glad that Marissa made it out – like a champ! – and that we all got to celebrate her in style. And yes, that “Bachelorette Sash” above was assembled using a ginormous gift wrap bow, glitter glue love, a tablecloth and a sharpie. The sash I’d originally ordered never made it in the mail!! So naturally, we improvised. (Stay tuned for a wedding recap soon!)

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