Mother’s Day: Mama Knows Best (…And So Does Dad)

Do it the way your mother told you
I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this year, but I did send her a small care package with this very appropriate card. My mom is my confidant. Her courage and her strength is unbelievable. (And so is her determination to buy every book and scrapbooking accessory created. :-P <– It does make trips home fun. I always come back with a new scrapbook technique or tip tucked away, plus a few good reads.) In the past year, we’ve started sending text messages more often, though we still communicate on the phone; I’ve noticed that her sense of humor comes through that much more by communicating in text form. Lately, I’ve found myself mimicking the actions of my mom. When I sent her an update on this observation, her response was this: “Mama knows best!” (And more often than not, she does.)

Speaking of a master of one-liners and a giver of sage advice, my dad also fits this bill. Earlier this week, he sent me a surprise gift: cupcake liners and stands from Crate and Barrel. (How cute and seasonally appropriate are these lil things?) When I posted the original photo below with a caption that began with “Reason #892 why I love my dad,” his joking response was, “Is that all?” He also mentioned that he’d recently checked out my blog and was impressed by the Chick Cupcakes. :) I guess it’s time for me to do more baking.

I hope everyone gets a chance to connect with their families today, whether it be in person, online or on the phone. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you mom, and you too, dad.

Cupcake Liners and Stands

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