Holiday Pod Decorating Contest & Reindeer Cheer

Reindeer Cheer

Twas the season at my office for an inaugural holiday pod decorating contest. After assembling our group of working elves, we settled on a theme: The North Pole.  Then it was off to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

Reindeer Cheer

Our DIY display included a faux cardboard fireplace, a mantel display featuring holiday photos of our team, santa and a snowman made from empty milk gallon containers, a reindeer stable for our newest colleague – an inflatable reindeer named “I’m Rein Burgundy?” – and lights, lots and lots of lights!

To keep “I’m Rein Burgundy” company, I also created some gingerbread cookies and reindeer marshmallows. For the gingerbread cookies, I used a gingerbread cookie mix from Betty Crocker, Wilton cookie cutters and icing, sprinkles and chocolate for embellishments. To create the reindeer marshmallows, I used Jet Puffed marshmallows (and icing to attach the heads to bodies), pretzels for antlers and legs, chocolate, red licorice strips for the scarf and an edible marker to create the eyes.

Our North Pole pod took home the award for “Best Use of Office Space”. Hooray! We were very proud of our collective efforts; I have some crafty colleagues. :) The entire experience definitely put us in a festive, holly, jolly mood.

Reindeer Cheer

Santa Milk JugReindeer CheerReindeer Cheer
Reindeer Cheer

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