Spooktacular Halloween Apartment Decor

Spooktacular Apartment

Have I mentioned that my roommate LOVES Halloween? For the past two years that I’ve lived with her, she’s turned our place into a wickedly awesome wonderland of haunted decor. We have Halloween-themed candles, dishes, mugs and signs. We even have a broom outside of our door.

Spooktacular Apartment

Spooktacular Apartment

The lil ghost below always gives me the side eye whenever I want to take a piece of candy from our bat-tray, and our other lil ghost glows brightly in our hallway. It’s fun to come home to such a spooktacular place. :)

Spooktacular Apartment

Spooktacular Apartment

More Spooktacular Sweetness:

Craft Bar  halloween sign  Evil...or pie?

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