Great Chicago Fire Hydrants: Fire-Minions

If you’ve been to Chicago recently, you’ve probably noticed the decorated fire hydrants around the city. Known as the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants, these sculptures are part of a public art installation to pay tribute to the city’s firefighters. According to the official website, there are 101 hydrants to represent each one of the 101 firehouses.

I LOVE this “Fire-Minions” sculpture. :) Inspired by the Despicable Me movie series, you get two Minions-in-one! I bet they’d both use the “bee-do bee-do” Minion chant to sound the alarm if a disaster ever occurred nearby. (Apparently, Minions = a popular Halloween costume this season. Cue the adorableness!) The credit for this squee-worthy sculpture goes to Melanie and Elyse Jones.

Have you spotted the hydrants on the streets of Chi city? If yes, what’s your favorite one? You can explore more in the Hydrant Gallery.

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