September’s Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix September

A colleague of mine introduced me to a “style by mail” service, Stitch Fix. Here’s how it works: You fill out a profile that includes your size, your sense of personal style, the occasions you dress for and more. Once complete, you can sign up for a fix. (Read: a fix is a box of 5 items selected to match your style; it’s mailed to you for a $20 styling fee.) When you receive the items, you’re encouraged to try them on and mix and match them with existing wardrobe pieces. They even include suggestions on the tags for ways to style each piece. You have 3 days after you receive your package to mail back the items that you don’t want to keep. The $20 styling fee is credit towards your purchase; you’re charged the difference for the items you keep.

StitchFix September06 Stitch Fix September

For my first fix, I asked the stylists to send me pieces that I could wear to work or on a casual night out. The contents of my first box are in the first pic at the top of this post! I received 2 sleeveless tops – 1 purple ($58) and 1 striped ($58), a navy dress with a peach and coral layered bottom (68), a light brown faux leather jacket ($108) and a pair of olive pants ($68). I immediately knew that the dress and the tops weren’t for me; the dress bunched at my waist in weird places and its collar was too high. The sleeveless tops came in fun colors, but the red and navy top seemed more appropriate for summer and the price point for the purple top was a tad too high for a piece that I didn’t absolutely love.

I was torn about the faux leather jacket. I’ve never owned a faux leather piece, and received encouragement from my colleagues to keep this one. I loved all of the finishings and details, but it seemed a bit too tight/too short. In the end, I decided to keep just the olive pants. They had the right amount of stretch and although they were on the long side, I’ve since worn them cuffed without any problems.

Stitch Fix September Stitch Fix September

I consider Stitch Fix a nice “every once in awhile” kind of delivery service. It’s fun to treat yourself to a box of surprise items by mail. :) The stylists at Stitch Fix supposedly get smarter about your style preferences with each order you place.

Want to see what the Stitch Fix stylists will serve up to you? If yes, I’d love for you to use my referral code by clicking this link here to start filling out your style profile. :) Then come back and let me know what you found in your fix!

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