Sibling Brag: September’s Feature Sushi Roll

Sushi Feature 1

Sibling brag: When your little brother creates the September’s feature roll at a swanky sushi restaurant. :) His creation = cucumber & avocado, topped with chopped and seared white tuna and tuna, scallions, masago and ponzu sauce.

Sushi Feature

My brother once (patiently) tried to teach me how to make maki aka sushi rolls while he was entertaining guests at our home. Through that experience, I gained a new appreciation for the amount of talent, skill and precision that goes into creating each bite of rice-based goodness. There’s so much prep work involved! Needless to say, my maki did not make it on the same plate as his at our family’s meal.

I now leave sushi creation up to him, but I’m always more than happy to help in the eating department. :) While paying a visit to the restaurant where he works, he also presented me with seared white tuna nigiri, which was also exquisite and quickly gobbled up.

Sushi Feature

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