Showroom: District

District Collaborative

One of my friends is moving to her own place in a few weeks, and in her quest to furnish her new digs, she’s been on a treasure hunt to find just the right pieces, scouring vintage/antique shops, Pinterest boards, Craigslist listings and more.

In her search, she discovered District, a local business that specializes in restoring and reworking vintage furniture to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

District Collaborative

I’m always one to jump at the chance to look at unique finds, so decided to join her to attend an event, dubbed District Collaborative, which featured creations from District plus three other artists: The Studio 312, Threade, and alma.kane, all housed in the District showroom. (We nibbled on yummy mini Flirty Cupcakes and sipped on wine while we browsed through the collections, and an adjacent rug gallery also stayed open and invited us to tour their show floor. :)) Alas, the Tamale Spaceship sold out of food before we had a chance to grab a tamale, but perhaps the masked Luchadores/servers will have more of their out of this world creations on hand at the next event.

I loved this vintage receipt printer. I have a collection of typewriter prints in my room, and love looking at the differences between one model vs. the next. Typewriters have such character; laptops these days seem so uniform. I wonder if folks were more careful in choosing their words when typing out notes on typewriters? Ahh the luxuries of a backspace/delete key.

District Collaborative

What’s your favorite lamp lighting up the table below?

District Collaborative

While we didn’t end up purchasing any finds that evening, I do plan to keep my eyes on the District Facebook page. New items for sale are regularly posted in albums. :) Thanks for inviting us in, District!

District Collaborative

District Collaborative

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