I Heart Google Doodle Dates

GoogleDoodle 001I wasted treasured my time playing with today’s Google Doodle, designed to highlight both Valentine’s Day and the 154th birthday of George Ferris, creator of the original Ferris Wheel, which apparently debuted here in our fair windy city of Chicago in 1893. :)

To animate today’s doodle, you needed to scroll across the graphic, which then directed you to click on the heart button in the middle of the frame. Once you pressed the heart button, the Ferris Wheels spun and eventually aligned, pairing up two animals. From there, the fair background dissolved and was replaced by a story board that told the tale of the pair’s date. Enter major adorbs (and somewhat relatable) situations. See below for a few of my faves.

Hippo Meets Bird.

GoogleDoodle 003

Hippo finds itself rather on the hefty side during outdoor play, but sledding as a duo = an activity FTW!

GoogleDoodle 002

Squirrel meets Chameleon.

GoogleDoodle 005

Chameleon is NOT impressed by Squirrel’s banjo skillzZ. Luckily, Chameleon can pretend its not there. Though alas, Chameleon cannot make sounds disappear, too.

GoogleDoodle 004 And my ultimate fave? Octopus meets Bear.

GoogleDoodle 007

Octopus and Bear enjoy a casual evening stroll to dinner. Bear loves sushi. Octopus is NOT amused. (Though clearly, I was. ;))

GoogleDoodle 006
Well played, Google. Well played.

Everyone at work also received this sweet treat today at the office: Chocolate covered Oreo cookies! Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. :) I hope the day brought you a lil sweetness and love. <3

Chocolate Covered Oreos

*Nabisco is a client of my employer. I was not compensated by Nabisco for this post.

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