Cloud9 Fabrics: Framed!

Cloud9 Fabric 001

I’d been searching for months for a print or poster that would tie-in not just the grays and yellows in my bedspread but the teal in my sheets, too. (I’d found some cool, customizable mum prints via Etsy, but feared that my room would have too much focus on floral.) And then, Pinterest pointed me to a fabric swatch. Cloud9 Fabrics’ “Simpatico On Point in Minty“, designed by Michelle Engel Bencsko. While I hadn’t initially thought to frame fabric, I’d seen it done many times, (I’m lookin’ at you, Ikea!) and I knew this print offered everything I was looking for: the color trio, and a simple, yet contemporary design.

Simpatico On Point in Minty
Photo Credit: Cloud9 Fabrics

I also purchased some of the coordinating fabrics in the collection, too, via Project Anthologies, a craft and fabric store located in Upstate, New York that also sells a selection of fabrics online. My package arrived with a bonus (matching) keyring and a handwritten note of thanks on the receipt. :)

Cloud9 Fabric 002

I’m hoping to incorporate some of the remaining fabric in other spots in my room. Perhaps I’ll have my mom send up my sewing machine, and pop out a throw pillow or two.

Anyway, here’s the finished look, (for now, at least. I’m sure I’ll tweak it again or switch out the yellows with the greens at some point.)

Cloud9 Fabric 003

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