Seatbelt Handbags

While home for the holidays, I spent some time with my parents browsing through the collections at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum. (At the moment, there’s a cool exhibit about Picasso and Matisse, which tells a story about their different techniques by examining their sketches and prints.) As is customary for our family’s museum visits, we also stopped in the gift shop. That’s where I discovered this seatbelt handbags display. I thought it fitting to find this collection in the Motor City. :)

I love the idea of repurposing goods to produce something shiny (!!) and new; according to the display sign, Dana and Melanie Harvey created their first bag using the leftover seatbelt material from installing belts in their 1950 Buick. Made and designed in the U.S., the full catalog of bags is available at Harveys Seatbeltbags — my favorite in the collection is probably the studded clutch, though I’m also impressed by the “Denim” bag’s likeness in appearance to real blue jeans fabric.

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