A Sweet Start

I’m a planner. When life gets really busy, I look at my schedule and break down my weeks/hours/days into segments, carving out chunks of time for the stuff I know I have to get done – go to work, tackle loads of laundry, run to the grocery store – and the things I would like to get done – catching up with loved ones, working out, eating delicious meals, exploring local sights and sounds, etc. While I’ve had “write more” and “get back into crafts/cooking” as two goals on my “things I would like to get done” list for quite some time, I never seem able to set aside the time to DO them.

Earlier this year, I paid a visit to the city that is now my current home, Chicago, and realized that it was time for me to stop talking about moving here and actually get up and make it happen. And now, I’m here. It’s been approximately three months since I made the move from D.C. Now it’s time to tackle a new challenge. This blog will serve as my platform to dive back into two areas that have been on the backburner of my “get ‘er done because you want to” list for way too long.

Yes, I know that at first blush, the title of this blog makes it sound like a place that will focus solely on items that are literally sweet – sugary, syrupy, sinful “get in my belly” treats. While I do aim to get my bake on from time to time, I also hope to highlight a broader array of sweet somethings — crafts, pieces of art, DIY projects and other handmade items that I find cool, unique or must be shared.

While I stir up some sweetness to show you, I leave you with a photo I took atop the Tribune Tower in the city that has inspired me to take on more goals and turn them into accomplishments. :)

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